Managers of the fast-developing Appolonia City real estate enclave are developing the Apollonia Business Park to support government’s industrial park and economic zone regime.

The industrial parks are part of government’s plan to create jobs and anchor its industrialisation drive.

The new industrial parks and economic zones – ten of them – are expected to be set up in each of the ten regions across the country.

Government intends to provide each of the ten regions with key facilities and flexible land schemes to facilitate the setting up of various industries.

During a recent tour of the Appolonia City enclave and the designated acres of land earmarked for the industrial park project Business Development Manager, Kwabena Owusu-Adjei, said substantial investments have been made to make Apollonia City the choice of Ghana in the Greater Accra Region.

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He said although currently 250 acres of land has been targeted, the acres could be increased substantially when the need arises.

He told representatives from the Ministry of Trades and Industry and some selected journalists during the tour that the Appolonia Business Park will be an industrial park for light industry.

“You will see a lot of Fast Moving Consumer Goods businesses, you will see a lot of packaging businesses you will see a lot of businesses that have less of an impact on the environment and so with respect to environmental permitting, we have done a fair amount of work on site. We are firmly confident that we are within the parameters of what the laws of this country allow,” he said.

He said by bringing the representatives of the Trades Ministry to the site, they expect that they will see the extent of infrastructural development and investments.

Investments in power plants, water facilities and road infrastructure make Appolonia City a viable choice for the proposed industrial park.

“Hopefully that will then inform their [Trade Ministry] decision on how to approach the planned special economic zone and industrial park regime that the government has been discussing,” Kwabena Owusu-Adjei added.


Already, Appolonia has made significant strides to develop the Apollonia Business Park.

In March this year, the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) signed a partnership agreement with Appolonia City to construct an industrial park within the 2,325-acre urban development.

The agreement is expected to include the usage of about 1,000 acres of Appolonia City which is to be made available for some of the country’s topmost industrial and manufacturing companies and in turn provide major employment opportunities for the area.


Sheila Kangberee, who led the team from the Trade Ministry’s Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zone project to Apollonia City said the commitment by the real estate developers towards the Apollonia Business Park was commendable.

She said having visited various potential sites in the Greater Accra Region for consideration as the region’s site for the industrial park project, she was convinced Appolonia City stands a better chance for selection.




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