Coming Soon; Ghana Property & Lifestyle TV Show

Ghana property show

Victoria Agyekum & Anna Agyekum-Wilson , proprietors of On Point Property Management Ltd, are sister’s with a passion for Property.

The Agyekum sister`s will be launching their new TV series dubbed, Ghana Property & Lifestyle Show to be aired on their YouTube channels, On Point Property TV and Ghana Property & Lifestyle TV , on 23rd March 2018.

The series will feature a variety of residential developments in Accra. Also featured, will be interviews with real estate developers  who will be providing detailed information on each property.

Anna has managed a vast portfolio of properties (both residential & commercial), over 18 years including development & sales.

Victoria has a degree in Travel and Tourism and a wealth of experience in Property Management & interior design.

Their mission is to create a global platform through the property series showcasing and providing as much information about credible real estate companies based in Ghana.

The property & lifestyle show forms part of their unique dynamic approach to present Ghana real estate to the global diaspora, foreign investors and beyond.

In addition to this Tv show ,Victoria and Anna are the organisers of the Ghana Property & Lifestyle Expo, which takes place annually in the UK. This year, the Sister`s will be launching their expo in Atlanta (USA), in August 2018.

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