Tonino Lamborghini Residences not only rewards success, but also inspires and enables personal and professional progress – To those who dream big, embrace challenges and make the most of every opportunity, an extraordinary life awaits –

Tonino Lamborghini Residences are highly upbeat and luxury 1BR, 2BR, 3BR & 4BR residential apartments hand-crafted , designed and infrastructured by the Italian maestro and name behind Lamborghini situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Nad Al Sheba by the highly renowned and bespoke developers Oriental Pearls.

A residential oasis with easy connection to the heart of Dubai, Tonino Lamborghini Residences is an urban masterpiece of smart technology, contemporary design and lush green landscapes. And with advanced home automation, smart services and total climate control, residents enjoy unmatched comfort and convenience, all year round.

All the houses at Tonino Lamborghini have been designed with a future-ready innovation and technological approach serving as the epitome of future-driven innovative living within the Emirate. One thing that you need to know as an investor is that Tonino Lamborghini is not just any residential project. It is a cutting-edge technological one. The homes enjoy superior navigated and digital systems and at par technological inclusions ensuring the safety of residents and their families certain around the clock. 

Tonino Lamborghini Residences

Tonino Lamborghini has even come up with the most unique facilities for its residents like climate-controlled pathways, where the residents can roam around this residential area with utmost ease even in the most extreme weather conditions. In addition, the whole residential development relishes the ultimate environment sustainability and green homes concept, making the whole development as natural and nature-friendly as possible.

Tonino Lamborghini Residences

Hence, all these unique features and propositions that Tonino Lamborghini entails are truly exclusive and very distinct in their nature and they certainly guarantee huge returns on investment for any investor because such a facilitated and out of the box development, that too, within such central area, is only and only expected to get more popular and increase in its value in the future.

Premium Amenities

Tonino Lamborghini residences enjoy a long and wide list of an umpteen number of surrounding amenities, all unique and exclusive in their nature, to its residents. Be it the plush private cinema within the vicinity, best and unmatched in-class exercising services,  luxury, and state-of-the-art massage centers & spas or handsome performance spaces, Tonino Lamborghini has it all covered and how. 

Tonino Lamborghini Residences

In addition to all these at par facilities, the whole residential development features some region best diners, restaurants and cafes in its surroundings. Gigantic meter square area around this development features a large stretch of retail facilities in the whereabouts. The residential development follows an all-engulfing holistic approach which can be seen through its premium clubhouse program incorporation. The residents can sign up for these clubhouse memberships and stay as involved and active in the residential community affairs as possible, being more than just mere tenants occupying the houses in the vicinity.

Moreover, there is an extended list of special community and concierge services provided exclusively to the residents. These exclusive services are Business centre, Personal trainer, Golf cart service, Bicycle rental, Shuttle service to Dubai Mall and Dubai International airport, Resident privileges and discounts to community retail, dining, and leisure outlets, Facility booking via mobile app, 24/7 security.

Tonino Lamborghini Residences

However, as mentioned before, the clubhouse members can even enjoy extremely exclusive privileges like Airline, hotel, yacht, and limousine bookings, Restaurant reservations, Customized health and wellness programs, Private event planning, School and educational counseling. Thus, what else can a person wish for when they have all these kinds of amenities just at their footsteps.

About Oriental Pearls

Oriental Pearls is a locally established Real Estate developer of upscale community homes in the UAE.

Strategically headquartered in the iconic Burj Khalifa, Oriental Pearls Real Estate Development was founded on the principle of creating value for all our stakeholders.

Our team, who has been part of the inception, development and maturity of Dubai’s real estate industry from the outset, has a combined experience of over 100 years in real estate development.

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